Art For Andy Invite

Art for Andy 2011

On June 25, 2011 we held Art for Andy, The Last Dance (aka the LAST ART FOR ANDY EVER) and are proud to report WE RAISED $50,000!

Thanks to your support through the nine years of wonderful Art for Andy events, we are finally within reach of our long-term goal: raising enough money for the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Memorial Scholarship at Jesuit to provide a full tuition scholarship for a deserving young artist. While we’re closer than ever to that goal, we still need a HUGE PUSH from our supporters to get us over the top. We only need an additional $15,000 to reach a fully-endowed Andrew Bark ’98 Memorial Scholarship, so please feel free to click the “DONATE” link at the top of this page and chip in on the cause.  We sincerely appreciate your support!

2012-2013 Andrew Bark Scholarship Recipient!

On May 22nd, this year’s Andrew Bark ’98 Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Joe Payne (Jesuit Class of 2013). Joe will receive $9,100 towards his senior year tuition. On behalf of the Bark Family and all of Andrew’s friends and classmates, we’re honored to have found a young, talented artist in Joe, who embodies Andrew’s spirit and passion for art. Congrats Joe!

AFA Reaches Its Goal: Full Endowment!

We here at AFA are thrilled to report that after nearly ten years of fundraising efforts, we have reached our goal of a fully endowed Andrew W. Bark ’98 Memorial Scholarship at Dallas Jesuit! The ability to provide one deserving young artist a full tuition scholarship for his senior year at Jesuit each year moving forward is truly an honor, and we absolutely could not have achieved this goal without the help of our faithful supporters. Huge thanks to all of you who attended our events over the years, purchased artwork, and donated your time, energy and resources for the cause.

The Bark Family and the Art For Andy Committee would specifically like to thank The Terry Family and The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation, Marilyn & Tom August, and The Hughes Family (Trish, John, Michael ’97, Jonathan ’00 and Katie) for going above and beyond during our underwriting campaign, at the event itself, and even in the weeks following Art for Andy when we needed just a little more help to reach our goal. We never could have done this without you, and we’re forever in your debt!

The Hughes Family: Old Masters ($5,000+)

We cannot thank the The Hughes Family (Trish, John, Michael ’97, Jonathan ’00 and Katie) enough for their tireless support and generosity over the years. In our final year of the event, the Hughes Family came through in the clutch on countless occasions. AFA is extremely fortunate to have had John Hughes on our side from day one!

Marilyn & Tom August: Old Masters ($5000+)

A huge thanks to Marilyn & Tom August for jumping right in — our first underwriters at the Old Masters level!

The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation: Old Masters ($5000+)

The Art for Andy team wants to thank The Terry Family and The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation for their amazing, unparalleled support of the event!  It is not hyperbole to say that this event and the Andrew Bark Scholarship would not be what it is today without the Terrys.

Need to Pick Up Your AFA Art?

Did you win an auction item but forgot to grab it at AFA?  It’s being held for you at Jesuit.  Please contact Maureen Nawalaniec at (972) 387-8700 x479 and arrange your pick-up.  And thanks for contributing to the cause!

Ordered AFA Cufflinks?

If you purchased custom AFA Cufflinks at the event, they’ll be shipping out by the end of July.  Thanks for your patience!

AFA In the News!

Please check out this article on the Andrew Bark Scholarship and Art for Andy for the Dallas Morning News’ NeighorsGo section:


Modernists: Wildman Art Framing

HUGE thank you to Wildman Art Framing, who donated over a dozen custom frames (including all of Andrew’s originals) auctioned off at Art for Andy!

Auction Source: Impressionists ($4,750)!

We cannot thank AUCTION SOURCE enough for all their help over the years.  On this, our final year, they donated nearly $5,000 worth of services, helping us to achieve our most successful fundraising effort to date!

Mary & Stu Bark: Modernists ($1500+)

There is literally nothing else we can say about the Bark family. Over the years they have let us share in the celebration of Andrew’s life and they are truly the heart and soul of Art for Andy.  Much love!

The Leininger Family: Modernists ($1500+)

Art for Andy would like to thank David, Jenny, Lindsey and Peter Leininger for their generous donation and continued support of AFA from Day One!

Dayco Builders: Modernists ($1500+)

Thanks to David & Teri Yeargan, Dayco Builders has made a huge contribution to our underwriting campaign.  The Yeargan Family has been a loyal supporter of the event over the past decade.

The Reiff Family: Modernists ($1500+)

What a wonderful gesture from Ron & Melissa Reiff and Jacob & Brittany Reiff.  A huge thank you to the Reiffs!

Kristin & Max Ciccarelli: Modernists ($1500+)

We cannot thank Kristin & Max Ciccarelli enough for their generous contribution and continued support to AFA over the years.

The Lyons Family: Modernists ($1500+)

A truly wonderful gesture from The Lyons Family who were there for our first event on December 20, 2002 and have supported us every year since!

Becky & Rick Burgett: Modernists ($1500+)

A very generous contribution from our first Modernist underwriters, Becky & Rick Burgett!

Graffiti Artists—$500+

  • Ms. Donna Bark
  • Cheryl & Wayne Bazzle
  • Becky & Allen Birmingham
  • The Duda Family Foundation
  • Bill Fox
  • Marcia & Gerald Hayes
  • Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas
  • The Kidwell Family
  • Maureen & Steve Nawalaniec
  • Andrea & Bob Neuhoff
  • Anne & Scott O’Brien
  • David Oglesby
  • Elisa Slaton
  • Sally & Tom Stephenson
  • Jeanne & Mark Teresi
  • Debby, Tripper and Taylor Trippet
  • Patty Jo, John and Garrett Turner and the Ed Haggar Family Foundation
  • Beth & Joe Unis and Mary Catherine & Joseph Unis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Whitworth

Finger Painters—$250+

  • Chris & John Baldridge
  • Bill & Nancy Bryan
  • Julie & Ross Collier
  • Chrissi & Chris Crampton
  • Steve, Julie, Timothy, and Michael Crowley
  • Maura & Richard Emery
  • James England
  • John & Jane Foster
  • Mary Brown & Charles Geilich
  • Rachel & Steve Gow
  • Mr & Mrs Lou Grabowsky and Family
  • Matthew Grossman
  • Jody & Bill Jaspersen
  • John & Shelley Koeijmans
  • Scot & Anne O’Brien Family
  • Kay & Cam Rembert

Interested in Underwriting?

Underwriting is an easy way to support Art for Andy. While financial support of any kind is appreciated, we are seeking five distinct levels of underwriting commitment, each with its own benefits for you or your company. Art for Andy mails out invitations and “Save the Dates” to over 1,000 of our supporters and has hundreds of Facebook followers-comprised primarily of Jesuit faculty, alumni, students, and parents.

Learn more about Underwriting!

Scholarship Recipients

  • Luis Carrera ’09
  • Drew Bieler ’10
  • Nick Baker ’11
  • Garrett Toledo ’12

Mission Statement

Art for Andy is a celebration of the arts sponsored by Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas and the family and friends of Andrew W. Bark (class of ’98). The annual event, which honors Andrew’s life, features live music as well as a highly acclaimed silent art auction, and has proven to be a great time for people of all ages.

While Art for Andy serves as a way for Jesuit Alumni and local Dallas artists to display their creative talents, Art for Andy’s central goal is to raise money for the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Each May, the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Memorial Scholarship Fund recognizes a rising senior who excels in painting, sculpture, ceramics or any other visual arts medium, and awards that student with a partial scholarship for his senior year. It is our intention and realistic goal that one day in the near future, the recipient of the annual Andrew W. Bark ’98 Scholarship will receive full tuition for his senior year.

Jesuit currently has no such scholarship that awards students for their artistic talents and accomplishments, so in many ways, the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Scholarship is blazing a new trail in recognizing students with talents that extend beyond the purely academic curriculum. Even though the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Scholarship is one of the newest scholarships at Jesuit, it is already one of the largest merit awards made to an individual student.

The Andrew W. Bark ’98 Scholarship will inspire creative young minds for years to come, and it has only become possible through the donations raised by our wonderful event: Art for Andy.


Email with any questions.