Mission Statement

Art for Andy is a celebration of the arts sponsored by Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas and the family and friends of Andrew W. Bark (class of ’98). The annual event, which honors Andrew’s life, features live music as well as a highly acclaimed silent art auction, and has proven to be a great time for people of all ages.

While Art for Andy serves as a way for Jesuit Alumni and local Dallas artists to display their creative talents, Art for Andy’s central goal is to raise money for the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Each May, the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Memorial Scholarship Fund recognizes a rising senior who excels in painting, sculpture, ceramics or any other visual arts medium, and awards that student with a partial scholarship for his senior year. It is our intention and realistic goal that one day in the near future, the recipient of the annual Andrew W. Bark ’98 Scholarship will receive full tuition for his senior year.

Jesuit currently has no such scholarship that awards students for their artistic talents and accomplishments, so in many ways, the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Scholarship is blazing a new trail in recognizing students with talents that extend beyond the purely academic curriculum. Even though the Andrew W. Bark ’98 Scholarship is one of the newest scholarships at Jesuit, it is already one of the largest merit awards made to an individual student.

The Andrew W. Bark ’98 Scholarship will inspire creative young minds for years to come, and it has only become possible through the donations raised by our wonderful event: Art for Andy.